RTA provide business transfer agency services, selling business on behalf of clients across the UK and Europe, and has the largest business database of any UK business transfer agent. Prior to working with Evolvin, RTA used an old windows based in house agency software system, with a separate website, and using manual processes to generate marketing emails, business listing brochures.

With thousands of businesses, and tens of thousands of potential buyers it was apparent that a suitable provider should be found, but after spending years looking in the market RTA had not found any provider who could meet their specific brief.

What we did

Evolvin provided a demonstration of its Agency Office software, which is purposely built and oriented to business transfer agents, and RTA were blown away. The Agency Office software was customised to suit specific business requirements, and a new website and mobile site was built, which fully integrates into the agency office platform for real time updates and buyer registrations.

Using the automated responder system, which deals with inbound emails from third party portals and websites, provided RTA with a huge time saving equivalent to several staff, and the automated batch matching increased email flow by over 200%, but still increased the quality of the customer contact.

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