Colliers International is a leading global commercial real estate company offering comprehensive services to investors, property owners, tenants and developers around the world. Prior to working with Evolvin back in the year 2002 there were disparate technologies and systems used throughout the UK operation by different departments, with no common software platform.

The need arose to have a single software system, able to deal with the marketing requirements of departments as diverse as Residential, Automotive, Hotels and Industrial, to name a few, and to automate the common tasks, such as emailing buyers, producing standard letters, and integrating into the existing internal software systems.

What we did

Evolvin have had a wide and varied history with Colliers International, ranging from design and build of numerous departmental websites, project specific work, implementation the Evolvin Agency Office software across the whole EMEA region, implementing web services for data integration with third parties, as well as providing a common data interchange hub across the whole European, and Middle East regions.

Our collaborations have seen many projects, spanned over many years, and have allowed a deep understanding of the internal company procedures, as well as the technological requirements. Our latest projects involve taking Colliers on to their next generation property interchange application, and developing a service based infrastructure to propagate property information to various partners worldwide.

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